Talent Placement

The Perfect Fit

The Process


Each executive search is conducted with a thorough understanding of what makes your organization work.  Interviews with stakeholders, understanding of long and short-term objectives, and a skills inventory based on recommended cybersecurity talent standards ensure that your talent expectations are achievable as well as affordable.

We’ve written job descriptions even for the top tier search firms – and we’ll help write one that suits your needs.  With this information in hand, we search on your behalf.



We strongly believe in what we do, why we do it, and our process.  If our placement into your organization leaves within one year, the replacement search is no charge to you.

When you collaborate with us, everyone wins.

What other search firm is willing to guarantee their results?  We are faster, better, less expensive and friendlier!  It’s easy to start with a contact and we’ll follow-up with you.


Why work with us?

“Karen has the ability to challenge the existing order and yet balance it with the practical realities of doing business. She has the ability to lead an organization in a way that supports her people and yet lets them independently be responsible for their success.” Technical Fellow, Aerospace Company

“It is the rare professional with the vision, enthusiasm, and energy that Karen consistently displays. She has always been generous with her time and knowledge and brings out the best in those who work with and for her.” Senior Director, Telecommunications Company

“Karen is a dynamic leader in the security industry!” Executive, Travel and Leisure Industry

“…refreshingly honest, pragmatic, extremely bright and well-informed; a seasoned yet approachable top-tier executive; a level-headed and thoughtful leader; and a steadfast supporter and mentor. ”  VP, Software Services Company

“Karen proved to be a valuable and trusted partner to my organization and to me. Karen is extremely collaborative. She was always willing to share information for the betterment of the entire company and was an advocate of breaking down silos.” ~Executive, Software Company

We’ve taken the risk and frustration out of talent search and placement for cybersecurity.

We make it work for you.

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