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As a courtesy, below is our four-hour seminar on addressing the cybersecurity talent gap, delivered it in Moscone Center to a standing room only crowd.  The workshop ranks among the top RSA Conference sessions.

"Burnout: Cybersecurity's Dirty Little Secret and Talent Grenade"

Whose Responsibility is DEI with Jim Gordon

The DEI Dividend Panel led by Claudia Schabel

How to Recruit and Retain a Diverse Workforce with Elaine Marino

Advance Your Reach
"Your Message Matters"

Secure CIO Podcast
"Building Successful Teams"

Women of Denver
"Why Women Leave Tech"

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Find Your MOJO Even in Hard Times


Colorado=Security Podcast


ITSP Magazine
 WFH: Let’s Talk About It

Insights Paper:
Tech Talent Magnets 
Create a #BeAnAlly Culture

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What People are Saying

“Karen is a compelling communicator who has a great ability to develop and provide strategic direction within the business and amongst the leadership team. Her broad range of knowledge in Security and Compliance combined with her strengths makes her a key change agent.”

Vanessa Pegueros, CISO, Board Member

“Karen is a dynamic leader in the security industry! She has a broad view of security risk and can effectively apply it across people, process, and technology. She articulates security issues extremely well and is a strategic leader in the security industry!” 

Gary Toretti, CISO

“One of the most intelligent, articulate, and persuasive persons I've had the honor to work for in my career. Karen is especially adept at coalescing disparate ideas into a clear, concise vision – and then driving the team toward the goal, with exceptional creativity and energy levels.”

Bob Maynard, Non-Profit Co-Founder

“Karen acted as the Master of Ceremonies at a conference and did an outstanding job. Throughout the entire day she kept the agenda flowing smoothly while being entertaining, knowledgeable and extremely pleasant to work with.”

Kerri Nelson, SecureWorld Expo Program Director

"Definitely a topic we need more space for conversations around!"

"Please continue this conversation!"

"Really helped me reconsider how I hire."

"The talk on burnout was very relevant. It’s about time we talk about mental health issues in our industry!"

"These are some of the most valuable panels I have attended in years."

"This one session was worth the cost and week's time I spent for this conference."

"The burnout session was particularly resonant."

"Karen is a top-notch storyteller, speaker, and educator and certainly one to have at your next group event to discuss burnout, getting through the workday, and how to keep yourself healthy!"

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