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Where I've Served

You might be asking: "Why are you still working and not retired on an island somewhere  sipping delicious umbrella drinks?"

  • Education: BS Chemistry, Molecular Biology, MS Computer Science, MS Jewish Studies
  • Training: Master Coach (RMT Center),  Six units through ACPE, Palliative Care Fellow at VA, Certified SoulCollage™️ Facilitator.
  • Personal:  Married
  • CEO: W Risk Group LLC since 2007
  • Founder: MOJO Maker for Women in Tech
  • International Speaker & Trainer
What We Offer
We are committed to being the strong shoulders you can stand upon 
so that you can reach higher than you thought possible.

Get results-based training and coaching for technology pros on your terms.  Choose from impactful intensives, value-packed courses, community coaching, and VIP 1:1 packages (the podcast is a bonus!)
Impactful Intensives for High Performance Professionals
Our intensives are offered online as 5-Day mini-courses to introduce, develop and hone specific key skills or outcomes like burnout prevention.  You get specific insights into some of the challenging expectations of leaders today like:
Perspective Taking
Burnout Prevention
Being a Relatable Manager
Creating Inclusion
Personal Branding
Goal Setting for the Life You Want

You can also have a customized 4-hour intensive delivered virtually or on-site for your team.
VIP Coaching 
For professionals who desire the individualized attention and pace of 1:1 coaching, the option to join the VIP program is available.  Designed for rapid results customized on your Vital Interests, enrollment is open quarterly.  Applications are done via interview.
MOJO Maker 
for Women in Tech Community
Our online membership program gives you access to a lifetime of training on critical topics in a format that fits your schedule and your pace of learning.  Topics like Sponsorship, Burnout Prevention, Decision Making, Negotiation, Personal Brand, and Confidence... we add new courses monthly so if you don't see the course you need, you can request it.

Membership not only gives you content at your fingertips, it also gives you a community  of like-minded cohort members and a monthly live AMA call with one of our subject matter experts.

It is more important now than ever before:
Experience the BOOST for yourself and your TEAM by joining our programs and having Karen speak to your organization

What people Are Saying...
"I definitely recommend this program for anybody that is looking to scale their career by way of some introspective analysis in an incredibly safe space, partnering with other women, but also being led and guided through the incredible Karen Worstell.   Mojo Maker for me was such an opportunity to focus on a couple of key critical items that I knew would help put me in a position to take my career to the next level."
- Alicia Jessip, DEI Manager, TEKSystems
"The lessons learned during the 2-Day Intensive (focusing on the 6HN), the personal assessment, and ongoing community support has already made a difference in my career! Recently, I was able to advocate for myself at work with support from the MojoMaker community. If you're a woman in tech, don't go at it alone. Find your tribe here at MojoMaker." 
- Vui Nguyen, Senior software engineer
"Karen’s presentation to the (ISC)2 Central Florida Chapter was incredibly enlightening as she was the proverbial shining light at the end of the tunnel, showing us how to make our way and avoid burnout. Karen’s advice and tips don’t come from reading books but from experiencing the work culture in cybersecurity firsthand.

Karen is a top-notch storyteller, speaker, and educator and certainly one to have at your next group event to discuss burnout, getting through the workday, and how to keep yourself healthy!
James R. McQuiggan, CISSP, President, (ISC)2 Central Florida Chapter
Is Something holding You Back?
Throughout my career in Tech, there were three keys that helped me overcome considerable barriers:

      Belief that I could figure anything out
      Strong shoulders of people who encouraged and supported me
      Resilience to get up at least one more time than I stumbled or fell

People are often impressed that I was a C-level executive in Tech.  The truth is, being 98% right-brained, Tech and Math were not my strong suits. My passion as a child was designing Barbie™️ doll dresses.   In fact, my learning style was so visual and kinesthetic that the only way I could pass my classes was to translate complex concepts into images my brain could process and to draw them out while standing up at a white board (ok, in 5th grade I used crayons and paper.)

Eventually, I learned to use both my creative side and my technical training to solve tough analytical problems for the cybersecurity industry. I am honored to have served iconic brands like SRI International, Bank of America, AT&T  Wireless, Microsoft and Russell Investments in top cybersecurity and leadership roles.  My core competencies are to be the strong shoulders on which you stand, and to share with you the skills that will ensure you perform in your chosen field at a level you may not have believed was possible.

When I realized that professionals are struggling so much that many are receiving prescription medications to help them meet their performance expectations at work, I was shocked.  When I saw the stampede of women leaving Tech I got busy.

Read more to find out the rest of the story and how you can thrive in Tech and highly driven, wealth-creation industries without burning out.


Relevant, Accessible and Timely Content
Get expert content anytime  on our podcast to helps you create an equitable and inclusive workplace from the inside out
Finding Balance in Tech
Caroline Wong, Chief Strategist at talks with Karen about the influence of her father in her decision to study engineering and her approach as a woman in the tech sector. She not only shares key leadership insights but also talks about how she shifted from relying on unhealthy coping mechanisms to a philosophy focused on meeting uncertainties and challenges with the perspective that it can be figured out once you get there. 
Dealing with Stress
The world is a different place; everyday things are changing and we are finding and navigating new normals in every aspect of life. Whether it’s your job, your family, how you have fun, or even how you cope with stress — everything seems to be changing. Today’s guest, Dr. Manuel Astruc, is a practicing psychiatrist and also a coach who shares is own comeback-from -burnout story.

Live Your Full Color Life
Are you experiencing life in full color, or moving through it in black and white? Dr. Heather Denniston is a popular health and wellness coach who speaks frequently to major tech audiences. A seasoned chiropractor with additional certification as a wellness chiropractor, she is a NASM trained certified personal trainer, avid athlete, health enthusiast, and writer who has a passion for inspiring people of all ages to ignite the first step towards their personal best.
Confidence, Abundance and Networking
Aleta Jeffress, CIO for CGI is truly a special individual for us to listen to as she talks about building relationships, connecting with one another, and forging her path to her role as a senior leader. She shares her opinion on seizing abundance and  why investing in yourself, on your own terms, for your own benefit, is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your Tech career, how hiring a relational sales coach impacted her greatly, and so much more.

VC and Fund Founder Shares 
Insights for Women in Tech
In this episode, we gain insights into what led Chenxi to Tech, and she shares the influence that her mother’s career as a math teacher and professor had on her. We also unpack the decline in the number of women developers and some of the factors that may be influencing this downward trend. 

As a WOC fund manager,  Chenxi knows that she is in an incredibly unique position, and she does not take this lightly.  She and Karen discuss how Chenxi's Fund, Rain Capital, actively promotes diversity and inclusion.
The Resilience
Road to the Boardroom
Resilience is a necessary condition for women to rise to senior positions in the Tech world. Today we speak with OneLogin Chief Trust and Security Officer Vanessa Pegueros about what it would take to have more women in senior and boardroom positions. 

Vanessa dives into how women in Tech have to constantly justify their skills and knowledge. We touch on other limiting factors including race, how our culture links appearance to ability, and how a lack of confidence can hamper your progression. 
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