Talent Development

Plan for Success

Group Coaching for High Performance Teams


Talent development for cybersecurity is an investment in your team, improving communications, effectiveness, and job satisfaction.  The program is tailorable for entire work teams, or as part of promoting women in leadership roles in computer science and cybersecurity.

Our goal is to give teams the essential skills of resilience – to prevent potential impacts from moral distress, secondary trauma, gender inequality, and to build positive intelligence.  We do this through on-site workshops tailored to your team, or through our online sixteen-week program.

The modules are customizable depending on the team’s profile.  All of our intensives draw from expert sources such as:

  • Tony Robbins, Making change last
  • Chloe Madanes, PhD, Strategic Intervention, Six Human Needs
  • Brene Brown, PhD, Power of Vulnerability, Daring Greatly, Rising Strong
  • Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey
  • Marshall Goldsmith, PhD, Non-violent Communications
  • Alan Morinis, Self-awareness and character traits
  • Shirzad Charmine, Positive Intelligence
  • Grenny and Patterson, Crucial Conversations

Contact us to discuss your interest in onsite workshops and two-day intensives.

Be the Talent Magnet

A Wise Strategy in a Highly Competitive Market

The often reported statistic that there is a cybersecurity talent shortage is partially true.  There is an abundance of candidates for entry level positions.  Yet about 50% of positions are going unfilled in the US alone with experienced positions taking as long as a year to fill.

Employers of cybersecurity teams will do well to understand the unique dynamic of professionals who are “protectors” of the digital environment, often at odds with developers and business initiatives who have different priorities.

By offering programs to increase the “positive quotient” and resilience of the cybersecurity teams, companies not only improve the teams’ performance, they create an environment that attracts new (and hard to find) talent.

We believe that shifting from “talent seeker” to “talent magnet” makes sense for organizations in this very competitive environment.  Our coaching programs can help.   Virtual programs and on-site intensives tailored to your culture and work environment will boost morale, prevent disengagement of key talent and re-ignite creativity and innovation.

In essence, when you employ our expertise for your cyber organizations, you become the company that is a sought after Talent Magnet.

Why Hire Karen?

Expertise & Background

Karen’s technical background (BS Biology, BS Chemistry, MS Computer Science) and three decades of hands-on cybersecurity experience have made her a favorite with clients in facilitating and training technical and leadership groups. Her coaching background from the Robbins Madanes Institute, and coaching experience in acute care centers combined with her C-level experience and executive presence is a powerful yet approachable combination for facilitating lasting change in cybersecurity team performance and morale.

She co-chaired major security events for SRI International, Forbes.com, and Georgetown University Law Center.  She held positions at NIST for OSI security architecture, the security subcommittee of the Aerospace Industries Association, US Department of Commerce Security and Privacy Advisory Board, and the security subcommittee of NSTAC and has been a featured speaker at events for SecureWorld, IIA, ISSA, ISACA, AusCERT, Security Conference Israel, and RSA.

She is the author of “Governance and Internal Controls for Cutting Edge IT” published by ITG, the chapter “The Role of the CISO” in the Computer Security Handbook 5th and 6th editions (Wiley) and co-author of “Evaluating the E-Discovery Capabilities of Outside Law Firms” by Pike & Fisher.

Our group coaching programs can be delivered on-site, or by live virtual connection. All our sessions are facilitated by Karen Worstell.

What are the Benefits of Executive Coaching?

You're not sure if coaching is right for you, or even if it adds value. Consider this:


Sitting on the fence?

That’s normal.  Inaction is what happens when the analytical side of our brain wants to evaluate and assess, to gather opinions and get more data.

The truth is, decisions are made by the part of your brain that doesn’t get stuck in endless analysis loops.  Great leadership comes from MAKING decisions.

Listen to Steve Harvey: You got to jump to be successful.

The path to your future career begins with a single phone call.


You need to ask questions before making an investment decision like hiring a coach.  Harvard Business Review offers suggestions that I’ve adapted here for cybersecurity professionals considering CISO Coaching.

When you inquire about coaching with Karen Worstell, your first session is no charge, no obligation.  Find out how coaching can help you reinvent yourself or reach your career goals.

What to expect from CISO career coaching

Your leadership brand is what gets you promoted and hired. Do you project that well? Do you know what your leadership brand as a CISO is? Here are a few benefits of focused executive coaching.

Genuine Confidence

Conquer your inner critic, take bold steps to advance your career.


Clarity of purpose

When you are aligned with your true purpose, your path for for taking massive action is clear.



Our greatest impact is not through power, but through our influence. Find yours.



Connection, creativity, innovation - they all arise from the same deep roots. Your leadership value comes from unlocking that potential in yourself and others.


What our clients are saying

Coaching for Career Change

I had just left a consulting position and was in a place where I needed to rest, recover and rejuvenate my career direction, and decided to work with Karen Worstell as my coach. I enjoyed working with Karen. She listens well and picks up on thoughts, feelings and beliefs. She has the ability to focus those into a whole, a complete view, and challenges her clients to ‘reframe’ them, or encourage areas that should be pursued. Karen’s coaching opened my eyes to new ways of discovering who I am and where I want to go, including how to make steps to improve myself and stand strong. I would definitely recommend coaching with Karen Worstell. She has a great understanding of resilience and recovery, building up confidence, and challenging current perceptions that may be holding us back from achieving our potential.

MC - Colonel USAFR, Cybersecurity Executive Director for non-Profit agency