Executive Coaching

Executive and High Potential Coaching is a wise investment for development and retention of valued employees.

Executive coaching is essential for cybersecurity professionals.  A working relationship with a qualified coach can accelerate your progress toward peak performance, lasting change, self-awareness, executive presence, and leadership.

Every individual’s coaching experience is unique.  You should expect your coach to support and encourage, as well as challenge you.   When you are ready to invest in yourself, and do the hard work to reach your goals, you should consider a coach.

My coaching background comes from coach training under RMT (Robbins-Madanes Training) and Strategic Intervention.  Strategic Intervention is particularly useful when patterns of behavior and deeply held perspectives and beliefs prevent us from making progress toward goals.  In addition to extensive coach training, I have more than 2000 hours of clinical supervised training in acute care centers using strategic intervention as well as faith-based approaches.

As a career and executive coach, I specialize in career transitions, leadership skills, self-awareness, and group dynamics.

Contact me through the registration form indicating your interest in executive coaching.

Coaching for Career Change

I had just left a consulting position and was in a place where I needed to rest, recover and rejuvenate my career direction, and decided to work with Karen Worstell as my coach. I enjoyed working with Karen. She listens well and picks up on thoughts, feelings and beliefs. She has the ability to focus those into a whole, a complete view, and challenges her clients to ‘reframe’ them, or encourage areas that should be pursued. Karen’s coaching opened my eyes to new ways of discovering who I am and where I want to go, including how to make steps to improve myself and stand strong. I would definitely recommend coaching with Karen Worstell. She has a great understanding of resilience and recovery, building up confidence, and challenging current perceptions that may be holding us back from achieving our potential.

MC - Colonel USAFR, Cybersecurity Executive Director for non-Profit agency