MOJO Maker

Group Coaching Experience

Are you Ready to 0WN your career?

This is a program that you cannot afford to miss

MOJO Maker is an investment in you. It is a sixteen week program of coaching, teaching, and networking to help you build the skills that you cannot learn in any classroom or any conference.

Week 1-3 Program

Six Human Needs

Chloe Madanes and Tony Robbins developed the Six Human Needs as a way of understanding what drives us and those around us.  Every person in the MOJO Maker Group Coaching Program receives a Human Needs report on the basis of a 100+ question assessment.  In this session, we will learn how to use Six Human Needs to understand why we do what we don’t want to do, and why we don’t do what we think we should.  You won’t want to miss out on this fun and very illuminating foundational session.

The Impact of Physiology on Emotion

In a mind-body model, our emotional state and physiological state are inextricably connected.  You will learn how you can manage your own emotional states through simple physiological changes and the value of being in a peak state as a leader and influencer at work and at home.  We’ll also share some simple exercises you can do anywhere (well, almost) that help elevate your state right when you need it.

State the Case without Overstating it

This seems like a no-brainer change to make, but it’s hard for reasons that go back to Six Human Needs.  We’ll examine this critical element for cybersecurity professionals in light of our need to maintain maximum credibility and trust.  You’ll have a better awareness of when you are overstating the case and why so that you can avoid the triggers that affect your presentation of any situation.

Week 4-5 Program

Six Human Needs at Work

Back to the Six Human Needs again.  Now that you’ve had time to practice understanding yourself in the context of 6HN, you’re going to apply this as a way to understand everyone around you at work.  Bring your examples of tough situations and we’ll examine these together live and in the private FB group (no names please!)

The Power and Grace of Reframing

Reframing is a technique that builds upon 6HN.  Once you understand human needs and how people are differently motivated, it becomes quite straightforward to learn to “walk in their shoes.”  The power of the reframe is the ability to see every situation from multiple angles and to assist us to “Act and not Re-act.”

Week 6-8 Program

The Incredible Power of Words

Words have the power to inflame or to soothe.  The most powerful organ in the human body, it is said, is the tongue.  Much of wisdom literature speaks to positive use, as well as misuse, of our control of this organ.  We’ll examine our personal power to change the way we use our words in every situation, from crucial confrontations to words of comfort in times of grief.  As professional communicators in order to influence others to make positive changes for the benefit of cybersecurity, this is a do-not-miss session!

How’s your PQ?  (Part 1)

Our positivity quotient or PQ is a measure of the way we speak to ourselves, and to others, whether our words speak to what’s possible or whether they speak to obstacles and barriers.  You’ll learn about your Judge, why she is present, and the impact she has on your career and necessary risk-taking.

PQ (Part 2) Taming “The Judge” and Her Minions

In this Part 2 session, we build on our understanding of our Judge and her various minions and learn how to counter the Judge with our Sage.  You’ll begin to see how the 6HN, your physiology, and your words either feed or starve the Judge and learn some easy tips to make sure you’re doing what’s best for you!

Are you READY to MAXIMIZE your contribution and MINIMIZE the frustration?

It is flexible. It is a group experience where you can build a network & community that is supportive and authentic. You can tailor your experience as well as participate in activities that will likely be new to you (they don’t teach THIS at DEFCON!).
In Sixteen weeks you will:

  • Conquer inner doubt that holds you back
  • Learn techniques to maximize your best attributes
  • Participate in a like-minded community that is focused on advancing technical careers of women
  • Overcome fear of failure
  • Learn to ACT instead of RE-ACT
  • Practice the art of Choosing Discomfort over Resentment
  • Learn to Stand Your Sacred Ground at work and in your relationships
  • Understand how your physiology either gives you power or robs you of it and what to do about it

Week 9-11 Program

Integration Week #1

Halfway through our program, we pause and put it all together in an integration week.  This is a week for questions, for sharing successes, and offering insights during our live Q&A session and in the Facebook group.

The Power of Knowing Yourself (Part 1 – Core Values)

When the pressure is really on, that’s the time it is critical to “know yourself.”  We’ll introduce two approaches to this work in this two part topic: the first week we’ll talk about Core Values and explore them through the handouts and homework!

The Power of Knowing Yourself (Part 2 – Character Traits)

In this second week of Know Yourself, we explore the world of character traits from the ancient tradition of “mussar.”  For every positive trait, in the worldview of mussar, there is a shadow trait that should not be denied, but understood.  This is a powerful tool for making positive change in any aspect of life and you’ll be asked to choose one leadership attribute to work on with this approach.

Week 12-13 Program

Empathy at Work?  The Key to Unlocking Creativity & Innovation

Empathy and sympathy are frequently confused and almost always misunderstood.  According to Dr. Brene Brown, empathy drives connection, sympathy drives disconnection.  At work the impact is profound because at the core of empathy is the root of understanding, love, creativity and innovation.  We’ll learn the hard work of building our empathy muscle and learning why we choose sympathy over empathy almost every time.

The Reality of a Passion to Protect: Dealing with Moral Distress

In my clinical training in the cardiac-pulmonary intensive care unit, I learned the meaning of moral distress and realized for the first time what the name was for the very difficult moments that cybersecurity professionals and members of the intelligence community face.  In those career choices where you must take action that goes against your training and values, you will face moral distress and you must know how to deal with this.  We’ll cover this difficult topic that will help you personally, and help the people you lead.

Week 14-16 Program

The Man in the Arena – Rising Strong

We’ll draw heavily on the wonderful work of Dr. Brene Brown as it applies to cybersecurity professionals – taking career risks, sometimes taking a fall, and rising strong(er).  We’ll learn about the hero’s journey and how to write the ending of your own hero’s journey of a life well-lived, relationships that are deeply connected, and a career well-served.

Tools and tips for Sustainability

As we approach the end of our 16 weeks together, we prepare to launch with new understandings of ourselves and those we work with, with changes we’ve made and mean to last.  This week focuses on our intention going forward, to sustain the changes we’ve made, to reinforce the understanding we’ve gained, and the tools we will utilize to be successful.

Putting it all together: Integration Week #2

Our final week together is one of reflection and celebration.  We’ll have some special surprises in store.  Come prepared to share your biggest “Aha” moment with your cohorts.

You will have a weekly group coaching session live and online, as well as the always available private FACEBOOK group specifically for MOJO MAKERS. You also receive a workbook and weekly handouts specific to the topic at hand.

Registration starts in just one week and we are limited to 20 MOJO Makers at a time.

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