Exceed Your Expectations while you Thrive in High Pressure Work Environments

Let's face it - performance reviews can be a real drag.
Especially when performance means exceeding someone else's expectations in a culture where the burden is on you to fit in.
It's like working with your hands tied behind your back.

Perhaps the expectations are such that even working 24/7 doesn't cut it.

It's time you focused some energy on up-leveling your own expectations to exceed what you believe is possible for your life.

That's where the true satisfaction is.  That's where the thriving is.
I show you how.

Effective Burnout Prevention Training

Special pricing!
Take advantage of launch pricing
  • Understand burnout
  • Deal with exhaustion
  • Get excited about work & life again
  • Become effective and reach your goals
Flameproof is the course we launched to make burnout recovery and prevention information, techniques, resources, and tools available to everyone.

Dive into the 3 main elements of Burnout is and how to recognize it
The keys to improving Organizational Effectiveness
Find out where you are on the scale with the Personal Burnout Inventory
Never suffer from burnout again with the Burnout Antidote

Specific strategies to eliminate physical exhaustion (and be energetic and full of life!)
The Purple Balloon Rule and how it helps you increase your influence
The Pyramid of Fulfilling Life
The #1 factor determining your quality of life – and how to hack it

The best piece of career advice I’ve ever received (this is a life-changing)
The belief system that throttles creativity and what to do instead
A deep dive into cynicism and why I have a zero-tolerance policy
Practical steps to embracing the “beginner's” mind

The secret to creating juicy goals (this is NOT what you’ve been taught)
The easy, no-effort way to reach your goals automatically
How to eliminate ineffectiveness inside your organization or company
Your Flameproof Life Planner!

How to carry forward – and help others eliminate burnout
A PEEK INSIDE - 5 online Sessions with training, tools, and resources
Join as a Founder
  • Founders Pricing - Fixed for 3 years!
  • Early Preview of New Courses
  • Founders Mastermind Group
  • Our Gratitude!
MOJO Maker for Women in Tech is a group coaching experience designed to help women in tech build leadership skills that are rocket fuel for their career and their companies bottom line.

Conquer the inner critic that’s holding you back
Exude confidence so you can maximize their leadership potential
Know what you really want and express those intentions with clarity
Find your Sponsor that neutralizes the barriers of the performance management system
Connect to a like-minded community of women
Create resilient leadership that influences culture throughout your company — and beyond
Founding members of the new MOJO Maker for Women in Tech membership site get fixed pricing at founder rates, the opportunity to guide new course and offerings, and a monthly live mastermind group just for founders.
When you have instant access at your fingertips 24/7 to information that took seasoned executives years to learn by trial and error, you will start to get the recognition, opportunities, and compensation that you deserve.
One of the most important components of any program these days is connection.  Finding your tribe, sharing insights, being able to show up as you and share a journey of discovery and growth.  it all happens here.
VIP Coaching
Coaching on your Terms
Packages are Customized Based on Your Goals and VIP Services 
  • Coaching on Speed Dial
  • Customized Schedules
  • Online Subscriptions
They go together: Vital Interest Planning and Very Important Person. 

Vital Interests make a life and death difference AND when you start making your vital interests your priority – you start treating yourself as the very important person you are.

VIP Coaching is short–term high-intensity coaching focused on getting you the results you need in 2-3 months instead of working on things gradually over a year.

Most coaching relationships are a “slow roll to somewhere” with appointments set up for 30 minutes a week as a coach offers you accountability and assignments.  

Over the course of a long-term coaching relationship, it is quite possible to lose track of why you signed up in the first place.

Not so with VIP Coaching.

VIP Coaching is 100% designed around the goals you have right now with a guarantee of results in blocks that you design.

Each coaching block is a total of 16 hours of focused coaching, tailored to your present circumstance and desired outcome.  

We will co-create your coaching plan as well as your success criteria and outline a roadmap based on our three pillars:  
Know Yourself and Show Up
Develop clarity on exactly what you want and how to get there
Your Vital Interests Plan – the specific tools that will help you with making and sustaining shift
A TYpical VIP Coaching experience includes

Complimentary Intake Call

Six Human Needs Assessment

Customized Sessions for Rapid Results

Online Mini-Courses

"Coaching on Speed Dial"

Follow-up Check-ins

How will your Life be Better Six months from now?

Meagan's Shift: From Under-the-Radar to In-the-Spotlight

"I see myself and others in a completely different light. I have a renewed sense of self-awareness and confidence and have learned that my professional self worth is in no way dependent on what I am able to accomplish, how productive I am, or how others perceive me. 

I've also learned the true value in making genuine connections with the people I work with, and that I don't need to do it all on my own and get by on mere merit and solid work ethic.

 Making career advancements is so much easier when I have people who trust me and advocate for me, and people who listen to me and speak truth to me and celebrate me. 

This program has helped me understand the value of these types of relationships and has held me accountable for building them. I've learned the true power of a network and the value in sharing my experiences with other women."

Meagan Combs
senior software engineer
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