Cyber Security Optimization

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Our Expertise

We understand cybersecurity organizational challenges after working with Fortune 100 firms around the world to design, deploy, and operate cybersecurity and IT Risk, Business Continuity, and Disaster Planning. Our experiences spans three decades in Research, Operations, and Consulting for firms like Boeing, Bank of America, SRI International's consulting clients, AT&T Wireless, Russell Investments, and Microsoft as well as our consulting clients in Technology and Travel and Leisure. We can match your optimization profile to the relevant Federal and state statutes, sector/industry compliance regulations, and audit frameworks. You have a multitude of choices to make. We can help you make them faster, better, and for less cost. We're friendly, too. Contact us - we can help.


We begin with understanding your business and its objectives, your risk appetite, and your exposure to cybercrime. Your overall business/risk profile is a critical determinating factor in the type of cybersecurity leadership you need, and determines the priorities of operations and initiatives in order to keep your company safe from cybercrime (or recover if it has already hit you.)


We evaluate your asset inventory and profile, physical and digital, including BYOD devices. We'll share with you the processes and management priorities that will give you the biggest bang for your buck in protecting you from ransomware. These are often organizational ``tweaks`` that can save you a lot of pain.


We review elements such as reporting structure for cybersecurity, its relationships to Risk, Legal, IT and the Board. What functional roles exist? What is the IT service model? It's a deep dive into the way cybersecurity integrates into the business and dramatically impacts your cybersecurity organizational design.

Metrics & Reporting

Cybersecurity and Risk come under a myriad of frameworks and regulations. We can inventory and even harmonize your reporting framework because of our experience with Privacy legislation, Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO 27001, FISMA, NIST frameworks, ITIL, CobiT, etc.


Over the years, we've learned a few distinctive practices from companies who faced particularly challenging cybersecurity and IT Risk Management requirements. You benefit from our experience in Incident Detection and Response, Business Continuity, Disaster Planning, Data Center planning, IT Operations Quality, and IT Service Management.


Cybersecurity's unique aspect is that, when working property, it touches every aspect of the business. How well does your cybersecurity team communicate with the groups it touches, and communicate at the C-level and Board level?

When your organization functions well your investment in talent is optimized.

We collaborate with you to smooth organizational rough spots and make what is working well work even better.

Many organizations do not have the time or experience to understand cybersecurity functions and how they best work as a system. Much effort, talent, and money is wasted when cybersecurity organizations are out of alignment with business need.

Register with us for a no-obligation discussion how optimization can potentially help you save millions of dollars that can be redirected to critical cyber projects and operations.