MOJO Maker

Giving Women Cyber Professionals the Tools and Courage to Dominate the Tech Space

Are you Ready to 0WN your career as a woman in tech?

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As women in tech, we’re fighting harder than ever against being marginalized, silenced, even ostracized in our work. Computing is the only STEM industry where female involvement is declining at a significant rate with a 13% decrease since 1988. (AAUW)

We belong in the good ol’ boys club. We have as much talent, potential, and right to make a difference through tech. We need to stay in this fight for each other and for the next generation of girls who love tech.

We need to make our MOJO and improve the status quo.

MOJO: “a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy”

Welcome to MOJO Maker

MOJO Maker is a group coaching experience designed to give you the skills you cannot learn in any classroom or conference to navigate the unique challenges of being a woman in the tech space.

MOJO Maker will help you:

  • Conquer any fear of failure or inner doubt holding you back so you can have confidence
  • Learn techniques to maximize your best attributes without apology
  • Connect to a like-minded community focused on advancing technical careers of women so you know you’re not alone
  • Reframe the challenges you face so you know how to respond to any situation
  • Find and strengthen your voice to stand your ground and fight for what matters
  • Reposition your mindset and mind-body connection so you have clarity and influence in any conversation

MOJO Maker is three levels of courses aimed at specific outcomes that give you the flexibility of self-paced learning over the course of a year. These three levels are your 1-2-3 roadmap for building your personal MOJO and becoming a MOJO Maker.

You can start with Level I: “Know Yourself and Where You Are” and take an entire year to embody the content, or you can follow all three levels to fast-track your impact in as little as one month. Which speed will you choose to make a difference?

Are you ready to become a MOJO Maker? Join our group to get started.

We need to make our MOJO and improve the status quo.

MOJO: “a quality that attracts people to you and makes you successful and full of energy”

Level I Courses: Know who you are

Six Human Needs

Cloé Madanes and Tony Robbins developed the Six Human Needs as a way of understanding what drives us as humans. Every person in the MOJO Maker Group Coaching Program receives a Human Needs report on the basis of a 100+ question assessment. Our session will teach you how to use Six Human Needs to understand why we do what we don’t want to do, and why we don’t do what we think we should.

How do the Six Human Needs (6HN) translate to your work environment? We put the 6HN into practice to better understand those around you at work. Our conversation digs into real-life (albeit, confidential) situations where you can share about tough situations. Our private community will talk through these examples during our live call and in our private FB group (no names, please!)

The Mind-Body Connection

In a mind-body model, our emotional state and physiological state are inextricably connected. How do you manage your own emotional states through simple physiological changes? We will talk about the value of being in a peak state as a leader and influencer at work and at home. You will learn simple exercises you can do anywhere (well, almost) that help elevate your state for any situation.

The Power of Knowing Yourself - Character

Along with Core Values and Six Human Needs,, we explore the world of character traits are a critical element to “Know Yourself.”   Ever watch the movie “Crash?”  it’s an amazing film about human nature  and our struggle with our basest instincts and our nature as bearers of the image of the Divine.  As human beings, we are neither good nor evil – we are a balance of our divine nature and our animal instinct.  This is the struggle of character development.

We will intentionally practice character development from the ancient tradition of ‘mussar’. Mussar means “instruction” and is rooted in Ancient Near Eastern practice.  For every positive trait, in the worldview of mussar, there is a shadow trait that should not be denied, but understood.   Our ability to manage that balance and intentionally move it toward our highest level of contribution is what mussar is all about.   This is a powerful tool for making positive change in any aspect of life. character growth as well as leadership development that will serve you throughout your life when you choose to use it.  You will be asked to choose one leadership attribute to work on during this two-week segment.

The Power of Knowing Yourself– Core Values

When the pressure is on is a critical time to ‘know yourself’. Core Values are one of the drivers of the Six Human Needs explored in the very first session.  This session will help you explore the core values that contribute to the priorities you have and the behaviors and beliefs that generates.  Cultures grow and flourish around a set of shared values – come and learn how to use your own value system to successfully navigate personal and professionally challenging situations.

Empathy at Work?

Empathy and sympathy are frequently confused and almost always misunderstood.  According to Dr. Brene Brown, empathy drives connection, sympathy drives disconnection.  At work the impact is profound because at the core of empathy is the root of understanding, love, creativity, and innovation. We will learn the hard work of building our empathy muscle and learning why we choose sympathy over empathy almost every time.

PQ: Taming ‘The Judge’ and Her Minions

The Key to Unlocking Creativity & Innovation

Our positivity quotient, or PQ, is a measure of the way we speak to ourselves, and to others. Many of us struggle with what we say through our inner voice, the Judge as we call her. We’ll talk more about who this Judge is, why she is present, and the impact she has on your career and necessary risk-taking.

You will learn how to counter the Judge with your Sage. You’ll begin to see how the 6HN, your physiology, and your words either feed or starve the Judge. We’ll work through some easy tips for using your Sage to guide your future!

Level 2 Courses – Know where you are going!

Plot a course - and adjust your sails

Network, Mentors and Sponsors

Keeping your Greater Purpose in view

Preparing for challenges and obstacles

Your Presence - own it, work it

Level 3 Courses – Your Navigation Tools

State the Case without Overstating

What do we really need to say about a given situation? This is harder than we may realize to state the case without overstating. This critical element for cybersecurity professionals is tied to maintaining maximum credibility and trust. You will increase your awareness of when you are overstating your case and what triggers to avoid that can affect your situation.

The Power and Grace of Reframing

Reframing is a technique that builds upon 6HN. Once we understand human needs and how people are motivated, we learn how to ‘walk in their shoes’. Reframing how we see any situation allows us to “Act and not Re-act.”

The Incredible Power of Words

Words have the power to inflame or to soothe. Our Week 6 session focuses on how we use our words in every situation, from crucial confrontations to words of comfort in times of grief. As professional communicators in the essential world of cybersecurity, this session alone is worth the price of admission!


In the midst of new learning, it is also critical to your success to pause and put it all together in a time of integration. You can use this time for questions, sharing successes, and offering insights during our live Q&A session and in the Facebook group. Where are you stuck? What’s changed? What do we need to celebrate? You’ll learn some tips in the course on how to practice what you’re learning so that new skills become lasting change that positively impacts your career and life.

The Reality of a Passion to Protect

Dealing with Moral Distress

MOJO Maker host Karen Worstell shares from her clinical training in the cardiac-pulmonary intensive care unit. It was when she learned the meaning of moral distress and realized what the name was for the most difficult moments that affect cybersecurity professionals and members of the intelligence community. We discuss moral distress and how to navigate its impact in your life and those around you.

The Woman in the Arena

Rising Strong

We draw heavily on the wonderful work of Dr. Brene Brown as it applies to women in Tech – taking career risks, sometimes taking a fall, and rising strong(er). Men and women approach risk differently and we will learn from the studies and observations there.  We will learn how to frame our career and life as our hero’s (shero’s?) journey and how to meet obstacles and barriers so that every experience becomes part of your preparation for success; success that is defined as the kind of career you want to have, and the life you want to live.

Change that Lasts

Change that lasts comes with a clear vision of Knowing Who You Are, Knowing Where You Are Going, and having the Tools to Navigate. The 1-2-3 Roadmap of MOJO Maker puts all these into actionable, doable skills and methods so you can use them to make intentional choices and moves in your career and life. We’ll discuss this in the MOJO Makers Facebook group as well as on the live coaching calls. No matter where you are in your MOJO Maker journey, every day is a matter of making small changes that keep you on the course to your success in life and at work.  See you in class!

Sign Up to Be a MOJO Maker

We’ve put the first three courses of the Level I foundation of MOJO Maker online for you to try for free. Registration for the full 1-2-3 Roadmap will be available before September 2018.

In the meantime, feel free to join us on the Facebook page by sending clicking on the link below to register. You’ll be taken to the signup page for your complimentary courses and will receive an invitation to the Facebook group where you’ll be able to interact, ask questions, and receive the Facebook live sessions.


If you want to create powerful momentum through your work, this is your time to be a MOJO Maker.